MB Perks Loyalty Program

Do you love scented wax products?

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MB Perks Loyalty Program

With the MB Perks Loyalty Program, you can earn discounts on every dollar you spend. For every $50 you spend at Mia Bella Scent Co. you earn will $5 off your next order. You don't have to spend the full $50 each time you place an order. With MB Perks, your purchases will be tracked and tallied up until you reach the $50 goal. Once you reach $50, you will receive your $5 off coupon. 

MB Perks Referral Program

Another way you can save is by referring your friends to Mia Bella Scent Co. If you refer a friend and they spend $30, you will both get a $5 off coupon that can be used on your next order of $30 or more! 

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