How to make wax melts

How to make wax melts

Posted by Mike Smith on Aug 17th 2021

Making Wax Melts with Mia Bella Scent Co.

Our Mia Bella wax melts are the perfect alternative to open flame candles. These scented wax cubes are used in wax melters to add a pleasant scent to your home or office. Mia Bella wax melts are highly scented and made of our proprietary blend of waxes. Each wax melt fills your space with heart-warming, invigorating and unique scents.

In the attached video, we will bring you into our kitchen to show you how we make our amazing wax melts. We will walk you through the step by step process on how we do each and every melt. 

Once you are done with our video, visit our site to see all the products we offer. You will love our waxes!