Best Selling Bakery Mix Mini Melt Box

Mia Bella Scent Co.

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Best Selling Bakery Mix Mini Melt Box


Our dye-free high quality organic wax melts are made of a highly scented beeswax and soy blend. Each of our mini melts burn for approximately 16-36 hours making your house smell amazing. These mini melts have a far and wide scent throw.

Benefits of our melts vs. the competitors;

  • Dye-Free to avoid any extra chemicals
  • They are handcrafted and hand poured
  • They are made of a high quality organic beeswax & soy blend.
  • Each mini melt cube releases fragrance for up to 16-36 hours each.

Our Best Selling Bakery Mix Mini Melt Box consists of 20 of our best selling beeswax and soy blend mini melts from our Bakery scent collection! It is the perfect opportunity to try our best selling Bakery scented melts. All for the price of 10 mini melts!

 The box consists of:

4x Pilgrims Pie

4x Better Than Sex Cake

4x Grandma's Kitchen

4X Apple Streusel

4x Chocolate Chip Cookies

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