2oz Coconut Beeswax Fire Starters

Mia Bella Scent Co.

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2.00 Ounces
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Our all natural, organic coconut and beeswax fire starters are a healthy and safe alternative to struggling with starting fires with lighters and matches. Simply place one of these starters under your selected wood of choice, light the top ring of the cup with a lighter or match and let the magic happen. Each 2oz cup produces a nice tall flame and on average has a burn time of around 20-25 minutes giving your fire plenty of time to catch on.  

  • Quickly ignites strong-burning fires in woodstoves, fireplaces, burn piles, firepits, and more. Avoid the hassle of repeated attempts to get your fire going! Simply light the top ring of the cup with a match or lighter and watch the flames come to life.
  • Lights reliably, making it the ideal choice for outdoor activities such as camping and bonfires.
  • An environmentally friendly fire starter, made from coconut beeswax, straw and natural fragrance oils.
  • Clean-burning, free of toxic chemicals and additives that cause smoke, bad odors, and harmful emissions. It’s even safe enough to cook over.
  • Great smelling cinnamon and bayberry fragrance adds to the ambiance of an indoor fireplace. 

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Not for use in wax melters or warmers.

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